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Kouhsanagi Park is the second largest park (after the Mellat Park) in Mashhad. The park is in the southwest of Mashhad on the foot of high mountains. In the old days, this place was a village far from the city. King Abbas Safavid crowned in this village at the age of 16. Kouhsangi is one of the most beautiful parks built in Iran and one of the oldest and most famous resorts in the city of Mashhad. The park is a combination of water, rock, greenery, and light. The building of the Great Museum of Khorasan with a similar architecture of the Kalat Nader Palace is giving a beautiful effect to this complex. In the year 1340, with the expansion of the city of Mashhad, Kouhsangi was connected to the main body of Mashhad through a wide street called Kouhsanagi Street. After executing new development plans in the city, Kouhsanagi Park became a tourist destination.