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Siosepol (33 Bridges)

When Isfahan was selected as the center of the Safavid government, it was decided to expand the city towards the south. The Chahar-bagh street was the center line in the new plan. The length of this new street was 6 kilometers and would have to pass on the river; therefore, the Pol-e Allah Vardikhan, which is called Siosepol Bridge now, was built on Zayandeh-roud River. The construction took place between 1008 and 1011 AH with the length of 300 meters and width of 14 meters. The bridge has a beautiful and symmetrical architecture. On the upper side, there are two covered corridors, one is for pedestrians crossing the bridge, and the other one was for vehicles. Pol-e Siosepol can be considered as a good result of the combination of engineering techniques with architectural art.