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Jame Mosque

The Jame Mosque of Isfahan is built in the northwest corner of the Imam Square. The original mosque was built alongside the ancient village of Yavan and probably on a pre-Islamic monument. The city of Isfahan accepted the religion of Islam in the year 24 AH. The first mosque was built in the year 156 AH which was in the current location but with more limited dimension than today. In the 3rd century AH, due to the expansion of the city and the population, a new mosque with a larger area was constructed on the original mosque's site. The architectural style, Razi method, belonged to the Seljuk period. In this method, the brick facades with knot designs were used in the interior and exterior of the domes. The stucco, the tile decoration along with the Kufi inscriptions indicate the efforts and the interest of Isfahan artists in this mosque.