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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, an architectural masterpiece, was built on the eastern side of the Imam Square (Naqsh-e Jahan) during the construction of the whole complex. The mosque was built as a school and worship place for the late Sheikh Lotfollah, a scholar and major cleric of Jebel Amel in Lebanon. The building of the mosque began in 1011 AH and ended in 1028 with a prayer hall in the basement and a dome. Since this was a teaching mosque, courtyard, and the minarets were not needed. The dome is on top of eight arches with the edges being decorated with turquoise tiles. The interior walls, in particular, the mehrab of Shaikh Lotfollah, are decorated with seven-color mosaics and moa'rgh, unique works of art.

This project was done during the reign of Shah Abbas I Safavid.

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