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Imam Mosque


On the south side of the Meidan-e Imam (Meidan-e Naqsh-e Jahan), there is one of the most beautiful mosques in the Islamic world, which was constructed by Master Ali Akbar Isfahani under Shah Abbas I. In the first stage, the main chapel, the entrance gate, and the two external minarets of the mosque were constructed. The door of the mosque is decorated with silver and gold plates and is related to the Shah Safi era, the successor to Shah Abbas I. Inside the mosque, there is a central courtyard with four porches and two side courtyards. The dome of the southern house has two pairs, 12 meters apart. The height of the outer dome is 50 meters from the mosque floor. The inscriptions of the mosque are decorated by famous calligraphers of the Safavid era. The walls, the dome, the minarets, and the arch of the interior the and exterior of the mosque are covered by tiles of seven colors and with Moa'ragh.