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In Iran with Rezvan Tech

Iran has high potential in becoming a major role-player in the health tourism industry in the region; this is due to its advantages in health tourism which include competitive prices, high-quality health services, competent physicians and having plenty of natural attractions. In Razvan Tech, we offer these facilities to our customers with high efficiency.


Why Rezvan Tech?


Why do our customers use Rezvan Tech services?

New approach: Rezvan Tech is the first company in this field with academic staff and with a scientific and cultural approach.

Transparency in costs: Hospital and accommodation costs are determined from the beginning and paid directly to the hospitals and hotels.

Price comparison: Having access to a network of hospitals, physicians, hotels, and restaurants, has made us be able to provide the best quality and lowest price.

Family relations: Our clients' families will be able to use our tracking system and stay aware of their patient's status.

Extensive network: We have all the facilities under one roof with a wide range of doctors, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.


Tourism in Iran

Why do people choose Iran for medical tourism?

Health tourism is currently experiencing a growing trend; according to statistics for the past few years, the NIHC has experienced a growth of 20 to 25 percent, which means more growth than the world's medical tourism industry, which has grown from 10 to 12 percent according to the World Tourism Organization. 30,000 international patients visited Iran in 2013, according to the International Medical Tourism Journal, of which 14,000 were treated in Mashhad.
In addition to providing health care services, Iran's historical and natural attractions encourage foreign patients to have a peaceful recovery in Iran. The presence of the shrine of the Eighth Imam (AS) in Mashhad attracts millions of pilgrims each year. Muslims in need of health care also benefit from this tranquil atmosphere as part of these pilgrims.
In 2013, 200,000 health and wellness spas arrived in Iran.

Due to the following reasons, Iran has the potential and ability to become a leading destination in the field of health tourism, especially in the Middle East region:

    Geographical and political logistics: Iran is located in the Middle East, neighboring with 15 developing countries and offering them infrastructure and medical services. Therefore, Iran potentially has a target market of 200 million people who need medical services.
    Low cost of medical services: Healthcare cost in different parts of Iran is lower than that in the neighboring countries. Also, for European and American countries, in the event of proper marketing in this sector, it is possible to attract more and more health tourists, as the cost of health care in these countries is several times higher than in Iran.
    Empowered doctors: The growth of trained medical staff in Iran has been higher than the Middle East, as Iran is a leading provider of health science development in the region. For example, in the field of biochemical molecules, Iran is in the top five countries in the world. In the areas of infertility treatment, stem cell therapy, dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and ophthalmology Iran has high capabilities in advancing even more.
    Mineral water springs: Having about 300 mineral water springs with therapeutic properties is another attraction for tourists. Having different climates as well as rich tourism resources than the neighboring countries are other reasons for the high growth rate of medical tourism in Iran.

Number of tourists who visited Iran in 2014

Iraq: 1,579,000

Azerbaijan: 1,091,000

Turkey: 426,000

Afghanistan: 418,000

Turkmenistan: 234,000


Technological advantage

Iran's technical advancements in the field of medicine have attracted tourists; amongst these advancements are the followings:

  • Advanced surgical procedures such as open heart surgery, spinal cord surgery, plastic surgery, and organ transplants
  • Advanced infertility practices
  • New medical and scientific discoveries such as stem cells
  • World-class expertise in cardiac surgery, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, infertility treatment, and dentistry
  • Access to state-of-the-art Genetic labs
  • The latest diagnostic and healthcare equipment
  • Global experiences in medical treatments
  • Numerous specialized and sub-specialized international medical centers
  • 51 medical schools
  • Advanced medical imaging technology and nuclear medicine

Tourism advantage

  • Geographic proximity to Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Arab market
  • A cultural and linguistic similarity with the neighboring countries
  • The legal requirement of the Ministry of Health to set up a health tourism
  • Favorable weather conditions (four times)
  • Tourist attractions, historical, cultural and natural
  • There are many spa springs
  • The appropriate cultural environment for Muslim countries
  • Providing services related to halal tourism

Medical specialties

Examples of health tourism in Iran according to the medical expertise available in the country:

  • Ophthalmology especially LASIK
  • Dentistry and tooth implantation
  • Organ transplants
  • Rehab
  • Heart surgery
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery
  • Stem cells
  • Infertility
  • Check up
  • Weight loss

Cost comparison

The surgical costs in Iran are about 20 to 25 percent of that in Britain and the United States. Some of the reasons are:

  • Low cost of diagnosis, treatment, and stay
  • Favorable exchange rate

Click here to see the cost comparison table.

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