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Alam Rajabi

General Surgery
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Alam Rajabi


  • The first rank of the promotion of luminescence in Iran University of Medical Sciences for three consecutive years 82 83 84
  • Selected as Assistant Professor of Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2004
  • Was selected as the Senior Chief -1388
  • Acknowledgments from Department of Surgery as Senior Chief -1388
  • Award of the Ministry of Health, Birjand University of Medical Sciences -1389
  • Acknowledgment from Commander of Navarra Tehran, 2013
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Firoozgar Hospital
  • Head of the Clinical Research Center at Frezorg Hospital
  • Member of the Iranian Society of Surgeons
  • Board of Directors of Iranian Society of Clopoprotectology
  • Member of the Society of Colorectal Surgeons of Iran
  • Member of Society of Surgeons Inside
  • Member of Iranian Association of Obesity
  • Membership in the Brilliant Talent Graduate Group {SAMPAD}
  • Member of Board of Directors of NIDA (Fighting Aides)



  • School of Medical Sciences Shiraz - Academic year: 2002
  • General Surgery Specialist - Iran University of Medical Sciences - Academic year: 2009
  • Colorectal Surgery Fellowship - Tehran University of Medical Sciences - Academic Year: 2012
  • Attack Surgery Transmission, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, 2016
  • Advanced Bariatric Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016
  • Pelvic floor modulation, Antwerp, Belgium, 2015
  • Professor of Colorectal Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014
  • Advanced Urginal and Pelvic Medicine, Ehingen-Donau, Germany, 2015
  • Laparoscopy Workshop, Tehran, Iran, 2008
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Colorectal Workshop, Tehran, Iran, 2012
  • The course of hemorrhoid surgery, Vienna, Austria, 2017
  • Advanced Coloctaltal Laparoscopic Surgery, Hamburg, Germany, 2017

Know More

  • Published 23 medical articles
  • Acquisition of laparoscopy based on Iran University of Medical Sciences -1387
  • Advanced Colorectal Laparoscopy Course, Tehran University of Medical Sciences -1391
  • Has base laparoscopy certificate from the wolf in 2008

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