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University Admissions


Rezvan Tech provides a list of international universities and their programs to help students find a range of academic courses that best suites their interests.

The following information is available on this site:

  • List of universities
  • Courses and programs
  • Registration forms


Training Classes & Workshops

Rezvan Tech helps organize educational and cultural courses at the university level.
This includes courses in medicine, professional ethics, management, and successful leadership training.

On our website you will find:

  • A list of classes
  • Details on subjects, instructors, location and more
  • Online registration form


Rezvan Translation Group


  • Our translators carry out high-quality translations
  • Translations are reviewed and approved by native supervisors
  • Find out the cost estimate online
  • Our service includes translating technical and scientific articles, brochures, documents, websites, short films, and live translation



Latest News

Russian Language Class - July 2019

Russian Language Class - July 2019

Rezvan Tech started its first Learning Russian Language class in July 2019.

Arabic Translation of Political Texts class started at Rezvan Tech

Arabic Translation of Political Texts class started at Rezvan Tech



The "Translation of Political Texts" class started at Rezvan Tech in July 2019.

Learning French

Learning French

In July 2019, Rezvan Tech started a series of classes on teaching the French language.

Learning Iraqi Accent Class

Learning Iraqi Accent Class


Rezvan Tech started Learning Iraqi Accent class in July 2019.


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