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Medical Tourism, Recreational Tourism, Visiting Sacred Sites

Professional Training Classes, Medical Courses, Seminars, Scientific Workshops

Translation Services

High-Quality Service, Professional Ethics, Affordable Prices, No Hidden Costs

Medical Tourism


  • Online consultation, preliminary review before travel
  • Best medical care
  • Appointments with hospitals, doctors, and laboratories without waiting in line
  • No hidden costs
  • Full service in travel visa, tickets, hotel reservations, and local transportation
  • Reception at the airport
  • Translation services
  • Medical follow-up


Recreational Tourism

  • Visa, travel tickets, accommodations
  • Visit natural attractions, historical and religious monuments, museums, parks
  • Local transportation
  • Shopping in traditional markets
  • Traditional & modern restaurants, native homes, best hotels
  • Full travel packages

Rezvan Translation Group


  • Native supervisors, expert translators
  • High quality, competitive prices, quick delivery
  • Translate texts in medical, engineering, social sciences, arts, religious, and business subjects
  • Translate websites, films, brochures, and catalogs
  • Companion translator


Scientific and Cultural Courses

  • Organize seminars, workshops, training classes, health tours
  • Extensive network of scholars, specialists, and academicians
  • Connections with scientific and academic centers
  • Medical school admissions, fellowships, and academic collaborations
  • Professional certificate programs