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About us


Mission: Rezvan Tech began activities in the year 2017 with the mission of creating a bridge between Iran and the world; a relationship based on honesty, transparency, and professionalism. Rezvan Tech is committed to providing its clients with high-quality service and affordable prices.

Management Team: The management team consists of university professors and academic experts and expert translators; located at Alzahra University Development Center.


Our activities

Medical Tourism: Services include online counseling, making appointments with doctors and hospitals, taking patients to the laboratories and helping them with their lab work, and accompanying clients with translators. Also, services such as purchasing travel tickets, accommodations, lodging, and getting medicines will be part of our health packages. We will open an electronic case for each health traveler and assign a company representative for him and his companions and, if necessary, a full-time translator. The company's agent is also responsible for developing a travel plan that meets the needs of the customer.

Recreational Tourism: Rezvan Tech tourism services include: purchasing travel tickets, accommodations, providing translators, visiting tourist attractions in all parts of Iran, meals, and restaurants.

Translation: Rezvan Tech Translation Group with an experienced team of translators in different languages provides high-quality translations. This activity allows our tour leaders to grow in their professional carrier.

Scientific and Cultural Courses: By identifying resources and organizing training classes, Rezvan Tech is promoting the scientific and social growth in the region. Organizing seminars and workshops are to achieve this goal.

Academic Engagement: By identifying the scientific capabilities of the universities, Rezvan Tech provides a connection between international applicants and Iranian universities.

Cooking Website: Rezvan Tech introduces Iranian and international cuisines in a Cooking website. We hope to create a memorable experience for our clients.


Why do clients choose Rezvan Tech?

Professional Ethics: Work ethics is one of the main objectives of our company. All employees must participate in professional ethics training courses in which the topics cover: the roles of professional engagement, the importance of transparency, honesty in business, discipline in scheduling, planning and time management.

Transparency: There are no hidden costs and all expenses are shared with clients.

Trust us: Rezvan Tech hopes the clients become an ambassador of Iran; leave Iran with sweet memories and share them with others; this relies on our client's satisfaction on services; to obtain this satisfaction we need our clients to have trust in us.

Advertising on our site

If you own a business and wish to work with us, you can contact us in one of the following ways.

Email: info@rezvantech.com

Tel: 021-40883497

Tel: (+98) 9391190010


In addition to the following business owners, we are ready to cooperate with any other related business:
Hospitals, clinics, doctors, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls ...

Rezvan Tech job opportunities

Rezvan Tech provides a creative and friendly work environment.

The following job opportunities are available at Rezvan Tech:

  • Research and development in software programming
  • Marketing
  • Tour guide services
  •  English, Arabic, French, Turkish, Urdu and Russian translators


If you are interested in working with us, email your resume to info@rezvantech.com


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